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Adventures in Wine


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8pm at Amphora, 1a Devonshire Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BH.

While Port is Portugal’s best-known export to the UK, most grapes are made into unfortified, dry wines. It is to our advantage as consumers that Portuguese wines have not yet become household names, since we can buy very well-made wines at excellent prices. At this tasting, we showcase a range of styles, from aromatic white Alvarinho (equivalent of Albarino in Spain), to full-bodied red blends from the Douro Valley. We have been lucky enough to acquire older vintages, so if you like earthy, mushroomy wines, this tasting is for you.

All our tastings are accompanied by appropriately matched cheeses and other snacks. Please note that this is designed as an accompaniment to the wine, which is the main focus of the event.