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£1800 raised in one evening for Cambridge4Ukraine

On Thursday 24th March, Amphora hosted a tasting of 2 Ukrainian wines not YET available in this country, alongside 2 Moldovan and 2 Georgian wines. The wines were introduced by Anatolii Pavlovskyi, a Ukrainian living in Cambridge, and a regular at Amphora.

Teinturier (=red-fleshed) grape Odessa Black was a revelation to palates used predominantly to fruity tones: this wine was like a Provençal tomato salad full of freshly chopped parsley. We would very much like to try this with steak.

All profits from the evening (ticket and wine sales) went directly to Anatolii’s charity Cambridge4Ukraine, with attendees donating generously. Indeed, the two Ukrainian wines we auctioned went for £200 each! This brought the net total to £1800.50. This sum went towards buying an ambulance to drive refugees from vulnerable parts of Ukraine to its borders.

Amphora is happy and humbled to be able to support refugees in such a direct way. We thank the Amphora community for its generosity and wish the ambulance safe travels.

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