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8pm at Amphora.

The vast majority of Champagnes are Non-Vintage (NV), i.e. currently year wine and reserve wines from previous years, blended together to achieve a consistent house style. A few times each decade, the growing conditions are exceptional, producing fruit of such quality that a Vintage is declared. At this tasting, we sample 6 vintage or Blanc de Blanc Champagnes.

All our tastings feature a minimum of 6 wines, which are accompanied by appropriately matched cheeses by Culinaris. Please note that the food is designed as an accompaniment to the wine, which is the main focus of the event!

Cancellation Policy:

If we need to cancel this event, we will notify you in advance and issue a full refund. If you can no longer make a tasting, and email us at over 48 hours before the tasting, we will issue you a full refund, or you may transfer your booking to a future event or store credit. Within 48h of an event, we cannot provide a refund, but you are welcome to send a friend in your place.