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Bordeaux wines are revered, and for good reason. Indeed wine regions around the world have inspired to make their own Bordeaux-style blends. At this tasting, we will pitch Bordeaux wines against Bordeaux-style blends from across the world. The wines will be matched as closely as possible for price, vintage, and grape varieties, with the format as follows. We will not reveal the region of origin of the wines until the end of each round.

Round 1: White Bordeaux vs Sauvignon Blanc blend

Round 2: Left Bank Bordeaux vs 2 Cabernet Sauvignon blends

Round 3: Right Bank Bordeaux vs 2 Merlot blends

All our tastings are accompanied by appropriately matched cheeses and other snacks. Please note that this is designed as an accompaniment to the wine, which is the main focus of the event.